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Memory Foam CPAP Pillow with Cooling Gel, 33 x 61 cm

Memory Foam CPAP Pillow with Cooling Gel, 33 x 61 cm

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This premium quality reversible memory foam pillow with cooling gel is made specifically for CPAP users. It helps reduce mask leaks while introducing a new level of comfort for the user. Memory foam provides firmness and support, while the gel ensures coolness and comfort.


  • Size 33 x 61 cm / 13 x 24 inches;
  • Specifically designed for PAP machine users;
  • Natural bamboo pillowcase;
  • Proper body alignment;
  • Luxury memory foam;
  • 2 Years Warranty.

Specifically designed to give exceptional support and comfort when wearing CPAP masks. The unique cut-outs reduces mask leak which allows the CPAP user to gain the full recommended therapy. Most memory foam pillows incorporates a regular foam in the center which does not provide the necessary support overtime. Understanding this, we made all 3 layers with 100% memory foam to ensure it holds the user's mould and giving superior support to last throughout the night and years to come. Another challenge we found was heat build-up in memory foam and with CPAP patients using humidifier. This was resolved by incorporating perforated layers and mesh to the sides of the pillowcase to promote air circulation from the core of the pillow to the pillowcase.

Final Result

The first luxurious premium quality reversible pillow of Best in Rest™ new patented revolutionary technology of herbal infusion memory foam that help CPAP users achieve a deep relaxing sleep like no other CPAP pillow was able to do before.

Cooling Gel

Cooling gel makes you feel cool in summer and warm in winter. This layer will keep the temperature down and help with comfort no matter what mask you are wearing or what position you are sleeping in.

Memory Form

The luxury memory foam keeps the body in proper alignment while alleviating uncomfortable pressure points that one would get with a regular pillow.

Ventilated Memory Form

Promotes air circulation & reduces moisture build up.

Natural Bamboo Pillowcase

Includes a breathable pillowcase made from natural bamboo and developed specifically to fit the unique shape of the CPAP pillow.

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