Multipurpose ecological tester for your home and office - EcoVisor F4

Multipurpose ecological tester for your home and office - EcoVisor F4

The EcoVisor F4 will:

  • Measure nitrate levels in vegetables and fruits (Nitrate Tester);
  • Measure the level of radiation background (Dosimeter);
  • Search for zones with increased Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF meter);
  • Determine the quality of Water (TDS meter).

Advantages of the new Soeks EcoVisor F4 — manufactured and developed in Europe

  • The case of the device is made of coated plastic with rubber side handles, which makes the device easy to use;
  • Touchscreen and button control:
  • Professional Geiger counter SBM-20-1 for radiation measurements;
  • The water quality and nitrate content are measured by means of the composite probe (Simultaneously measures multiple points);
  • Temperature result compensation;
  • Electric field measurement antenna;
  • Magnetic field measurement sensor;
  • AAA batteries. It is possible to use batteries of the same format.
  • Data dump to PC / Mac;
  • Firmware upgrade.

What are the dangers of nitrates?

EcoVisor F4 - Measure nitrate levels in vegetables and fruits (Nitrate Tester)

Any kind of exploitation invariably has its flip side. There are no nitrate-free foods, but it’s not their presence that’s dangerous, it’s their concentration. The human body can only process a certain amount of nitrates safely (600 mg/day for adults and 80-150 mg/day for children). A slight excess of this norm leads to microintoxication that passes without any symptoms, but has a cumulative effect, triggering the development of chronic gastrointestinal disease, liver damage, oxygen saturation abnormalities, etc., right up to oncological diseases in individual rare cases (which is certainly related to the state of general health). Acute nirate intoxication is symptomatically similar to ordinary food poisoning and is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, blue colored lips, etc.
For this reason, there are permissible nitrate concentration norms specified in the SanPiN (Sanitary Rules and Regulations). State laboratories regularly conduct sample purchases in order to identify dangerous foods. Such operations are usually followed by outlet closures, arrests and the disposal of toxic fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, a significant amount of dangerous food ends up on our plates due to the scale of the problem.

We can check our food under laboratory conditions, but that costs quite a lot of money and time. At home, it’s much quicker and more convenient to use SOEKS EcoVisor F4 — a special device designed to assess the safety of food in just 5 seconds.

SOEKS EcoVisor F4 can measure nitrate concentration levels in just 5 seconds.

All nitrate content norms are already programmed into a memory bank of over 60 widely consumed food products.

What is radiation found?

EcoVisor F4 - Measure the level of radiation background (Dosimeter)

Radiation associated with household items is a much more dangerous matter. Money, pieces of jewelry, works of stone (vases, figurines, etc.), ceramics, dinnerware sets, antiques, paint coatings, Christmas ornaments, construction and finishing materials, mushrooms and berries, water, dust, and many other items are often radioactive. Radiation emitted by these objects may be 100-200 times higher than the standard level. At the same time, they surround us for years and decades, which is potentially harmful to human health.

Radiation affects cells. High-energy particles simply knock nuclides out of DNA strands. This results in cell death or mutation. A small number of mutant cells are easily suppressed by the immune system. But the immune system cannot cope with more intensive radiation, which causes malignant tumors.
We deal with objects affected by radiation far less often than with fruit and vegetables saturated with nitrates, but the consequences they have a much more destructive effect on the human body. This is precisely why SOEKS EcoVisor F4 is equipped with the Dosimeter function. All norms are already programmed into the memory of the device. Users just have to bring the object to be checked towards the device to obtain a result in 5-10 seconds.

SOEKS EcoVisor F4 can measure radiation emitted by any object.

All background radiation norms are already programmed into the memory of the device.

Dangers of electromagnetic fields

EcoVisor F4  - Search for zones with increased Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF meter)

All sources of electricity create electromagnetic fields. They are the basis for the operation of many household appliances, communication devices and electric motors. 20 years ago we had no more than 1-2 electric devices that worked for short periods of time. Today our life is simply saturated with EM fields. Statistics aboutnegative impacts on human health have not been sufficiently studied yet, therefore it is impossible to firmly state that, for example, Wi-Fi or mobile phones can cause any certain diseases.

Nonetheless, it is known that low-frequency radiation is harmful to human health. Therefore radiation norms of up to 3,000 Hz are reflected in SanPiN. Lengthy exposure to low-frequency EM radiation causes various health problems: headaches, nightmares, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. It is impossible to determine what the consequences will be over an interval of 40-50 years, as there are simply no relevant statistics to date. Anyway, sanitary standards recommend checking all electronic devices and to only certify those that meet EM radiation norms.

EcoVisor's task consists of finding areas with greater low-frequency EM radiation in homes, and preventing people (especially children) from continuous exposure to them.

Sometimes it is enough to move a bed or a sofa several centimeters in order to avoid the continuous effect of EM fields. It is very simple to use the device as it knows the EM radiation concentration norms and can warn you if they are in excess.

By using SOEKS EcoVisor F4, you will be able to find areas with increased EM radiation at home, on the household plot, in the workplace, or emitted by electrical household appliances.

All norms are already programmed into the memory of the device, and all measurements are taken instantly (within 1 second).

Water quality

EcoVisor F4 - Determine the quality of Water (TDS meter)

The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service carry out over 100 million water quality analyses annually. Due to this large number of analyzed indicators, a comprehensive analysis turns into a quite lengthy and unprofitable process. It is important to understand that only laboratories can carry out comprehensive water analyses.

In an urban context, biological water pollution is a very rare occurrence. In many cases it is water hardness that is assessed since its high values often result in health disorders and problems with household appliances (washing machines, heating boilers, heat-insulated floors, teapots and irons). As for human health, hard water usually causes calcination and urolithiasis.

SOEKS EcoVisor F4 has a water hardness measurement function. This function is very useful for many household applications. If you have hard water, it is recommended to install filters. If a filter is already installed, then we recommend you to periodically check its serviceability.

For this purpose, it is necessary to first check the hardness of tap water, and then the filtered water. After filtration, values should be near zero (although they may simply be lower with some types of filters).

Water quality measurements takes just 5 seconds.

All norms are already programmed into the memory of the device. You just have to choose the necessary mode and take a measurement. If there is any excess of the norm, the screen turns red and the device shows a warning.

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